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Earn tax-free returns by using pension savings in your SIPP or SSAS pension to invest in our peer to peer loans.
Capital at risk.
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We provide attractive projects, earning you up to 12% pa tax free
Diversify and spread your risk
New investors receive up to £50 cashback
No fees to invest
All investments are secured by first legal charges
You know exactly how your money is being used
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If you want better returns from your pension pot, you’ll be glad to hear that you can invest it into a Sourced property project.
If you’d prefer to invest your SIPP or SSAS with Sourced and receive up to 12% a year tax-free with a diversified loan portfolio secured against UK property, here’s what you need to do:

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Interest is paid tax-free to your Sourced account
Please note that there may be some restrictions. Pensions cannot be used to make loans to connected parties or for property with a residential element, meaning some of our loans may therefore be unavailable to pension accounts.

Want to know how it works? 
Two Types of Pension - SIPP / SSAS
What are they?
Self Invested Personal Pension
SIPP allows individuals to make decisions about their investments from a range of approved investment projects, which includes P2P lending. It is for those that are confident enough to make their own investment decisions. It works in a similar way to other personal pensions. You can add capital as and when you choose and the government pays in an extra 20% in pension tax relief.
Small Self Administered Scheme 
SSAS is usually used by directors of Limited Companies for employees. SSAS offers investors great flexibility, and often more independance than a SIPP. The scheme can have up to 11 members and is open to all employees and family members. 

What to do if you do not have a SIPP / SSAS
If you are interested in lending towards Sourced projects via your pension but do not have a SIPP or SSAS pension then we would suggest to do some research to see what might suit you best. With a SSAS scheme, you will typically need to be a company owner or director. Speak to possible providers to see if they authenticate peer-to-peer lending and if they will verify investments with Sourced. Some pension providers will not yet have authenticated peer-to-peer lending – if this is what you want to do then it will be easier working with a provider that already has approved peer-to-peer lending.

A SIPP or SSAS isn’t the right option for everyone, so we would suggest to speak to a qualified Independent Financial Advisor to assist in your decisions.
Already have a SIPP / SSAS and want to invest?
Does your SIPP / SSAS provider not currently offer P2P Lending investments? 

Don’t worry, we’re happy to talk to them about joining up with Sourced. You can also transfer to a SIPP/ SSAS provider who does offer these investments.
If you’re interested in investing with your SIPP / SSAS complete the form below:
Make your pension work harder with up to 12% interest per year.
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Your capital is at risk and you may lose all you lend. See our Risk Statement for more information.

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